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An emoji showing the fingers held together in a vertical orientation, often referred to as the Italian hand gesture ma che vuoi, sometimes called the "finger purse." In Italy this gesture tends to be used in disagreement, frustration, or disbelief and can mean “What do you want?” or “What are you saying?” Outside Italy anyone performing a caricature of an Italian person, regardless of context or tone, might use this gesture. Pinched Fingers has a variety of other culturally specific uses. In Israeli culture it can mean “hold on,” “relax,” or “be patient.” The K-Pop star Yuri uses it as a signature gesture to represent a dumpling and a general warm sentiment. It can also be used to represent the act of fisting. Not to be confused with 🤏 Pinching Hand, which has overlapping senses. Both are used to represent precision when someone is making a sharp point with accompanying speech. Pinched Fingers was approved as part of Unicode 13.0 in 2020 and added to Emoji 13.0 in 2020.

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What does the pinched fingers emoji mean?

The pinched fingers emoji represents the Italian hand gesture "Ma che vuoi," meaning "what do you want."

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